Other Lawn Care Services In Richmond

Other Lawn Care Needs for Commercial Properties in Glen Allen

At Commonwealth Landcare, we are able to take the most neglected commercial lawn and make it look pristine. We provide lawn care services to commercial properties in Richmond, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and the surrounding areas. Our lawn care specialists offer a wide variety of lawn services that will meet your commercial property’s unique needs, including lawn renovation, mulching, seasonal cleanup services, and more. 

Lawn Renovations for Richmond’s Commercial Properties

If your commercial property’s curb appeal needs improvement, Commonwealth Landcare’s lawn renovation services can help! We specialize in taking a struggling, patchy lawn and turning it into a beautiful lawn, full of bright green grass. With our lawn renovation treatments, you will receive a full re-seeding or re-sodding, and you can add our lawn treatments package to continue to fertilize, weed, and fight off diseases throughout the year. Invest in your commercial property’s appearance with Commonwealth Landcare’s superior lawn renovations.

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Professional Mulching to Meet Your Commercial Property’s Needs

Flower beds can be a beautiful addition to your commercial property, but unfortunately, they involve a lot of upkeep. At Commonwealth Landcare, we can apply mulch that is not only decorative, but also keeps weeds down. Simply select your color and style, and our Richmond team will have it applied in no time.

If your commercial property has a playground, you need certified playground mulch to protect the children that use it. With certified playground mulch, kids will have a safe and soft area to play that won’t leave them with splinters or scrapes. Our Commonwealth Landcare team has experience installing playground mulch to many different types of commercial properties throughout the Richmond area, including daycare centers, schools, churches, city parks, and more. 

Seasonal Cleanup Services to Save You Time

Each season brings its own set of yard maintenance challenges. At Commonwealth Landcare, we are equipped to handle all of your seasonal cleanup needs. We can quickly remove leaves and other debris from your property to keep it looking immaculate. Here are a few of the seasonal services that we offer: 


  • Aeration and Seeding
  • Leaf Pile Cleanup
  • Debris Removal
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Pruning Services
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Commonwealth Landcare is a locally owned and operated lawn care and irrigation company serving Richmond, Midlothian, Glen Allen, and the surrounding areas.

Commonwealth Landcare began as the dream of a Virginia Tech horticulture grad who wanted to help his clients create beautiful and refreshing outdoor spaces. We specialize in helping busy commercial property owners and managers create the outdoor spaces that they’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice hundreds of hours of their time. We have helped countless businesses in the Richmond, Glen Allen, and Midlothian area to create a beautiful lawn that sets them apart.

Our treatment and service methods are backed by years of experience in the lawn care industry and countless hours of research. Each member of our team goes the extra mile to make sure your lawn care needs are met. 

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