Commonwealth Landcare’s Professional Tree and Shrub Treatment Program

The trees and shrubs on your commercial property serve many purposes. They add shade, beauty, dimension, and overall curb appeal. While trees and bushes can add value to your property, they can also be difficult to maintain. Diseases, pests, and extreme temperatures can damage your foliage, harming your trees’ overall health and making them look weak and sickly. If you want strong, healthy trees and shrubs on your commercial property, you need an expert tree and shrub treatment program.


As a busy property owner, you don’t always have time to give your trees and shrubs the proper attention that they need to thrive. That’s where we come in. At Commonwealth Landcare, we offer the latest and most effective tree and shrub program in the industry. Whether the trees on your property are very immature or they are larger and more established, our tree and shrub experts have the resources to give them the personalized attention that they need. Our four-step program will keep the trees and shrubs on your commercial property strong, healthy, and vibrant all year long. 


Step One – February-March

The first treatment will promote early spring green-up and focus on pre and post-emergent weed control. We’ll apply a complete turf fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control.

Step Two – March-May

The second visit focuses on improving the color and density of your lawn. We’ll apply a second treatment of our complete turf fertilizer and continue with pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control.

Step Three – June-July

During our third treatment, we’ll apply a slow-release lawn fertilizer to maintain the color of your lawn through the summer and aid in the consistent growth of cool-season grasses. We will also apply follow-up pre-emergent weed treatments.

Step Four – August

Step four will focus on post-emergent weed control for broadleaf weeds, sedges, and crabgrass.

Step Five – September

Autumn lawn fertilization will continue to thicken your lawn and encourage further root development.

Step Six – October

Our second autumn fertilization trip will continue to improve the density and root development of your lawn.

Step Seven – November

The final application of the year will provide your lawn with extra liquid fertilizer mixed with pre and post-emergent weed control to help control winter annuals before spring arrives again.

Why Choose Commonwealth Landcare?

When it comes to the health and growth of your trees and shrubs, we don’t take any chances. All of our treatment methods are backed by years of research and experience. Our lawn care experts use products and methods that are customized for the trees and shrubs common to our area. 

In our years in the industry, we have built a reputation of reliability, honesty, and hard work. Commercial properties in the Richmond area have come to depend on Commonwealth Landcare for all of their lawn care needs, including tree and shrub treatments.


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